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woweu gold

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our website have many safe process to protect the customer's personal information.when you shopping on our site,you better dont register an account.if you want to register an account,use a different password from your world of warcraft just need type your character name when you buy wow gold,we dont need any account username and password.that is your private need keep it safe.all you to do is just put a character name,then come to live chat to talk to your live chat helper.we will deliver wow gold for you., never use bots and macros to farm wow gold.all gold in our site is 100% hand made by professional skilled gamers.we often carry out many promotions to thank our customers for their constant support and belief in us. You are likely to get cheap or even free gold if you participate any of the promotion.

After ordering the wow gold US, please turn to our 24/7 live chat to confirm the details. We will deliver the gold to you in a face-to-face way immediately after all the information is confirmed. The whole process will last no more than half an hour. In addition, we never ask the gold back for any reason. If unexpectedly someone calls the gold back, it must be a scammer. If you are not sure what is it about, come to our 24/7 live chat for help, through which we will offer you some useful tips to get rid of any possible tracks during purchase.

First of all, and maybe even the oldest trick in the book, is to use a VPN (Virtual private network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and assign yourself the IP of a completely different country than yours. The reason why this tip is one of the most common ones around is that shall you ever get caught by Blizzard purchasing or selling gold or any other items and end up getting banned, you can always submit a ticket (preferably one or two days after the incident), from your own home IP address and claim you have been hacked and the person who gained access to your account used it to buy or sell gold or items. Another useful tips who falls under the range of an alleged hack claim would be to disable (if it's enabled) your mobile authenticator, since even if an account is still hackable through authenticator, Blizzard will likely deny that and claim you've framed yourself for the account hack, so it's in your best interest to turn it off a few days or weeks before buying or selling gold.

Second of all, from my own experience, the safest way to buy or sell gold is via the in-game Auction House system. This means that if you want to buy gold, the gold seller will instruct you to post an item (preferably not some grey thing and rather some nice green/blue item that can be used for twinks or transmog) and they will buy it off you from the Auction House for the amount of gold you've settled, or otherwise if you're selling to them.

However, if you decide not to use the Auction House and instead go with the face-to-face trade, the chances of getting banned for buying or selling gold decrease dramatically when you're trading using a higher level character instead of a level 1, and even to another higher level character (for instance, trading from a level 90 character to a level 57 or even a level 90 one). If you can make sure you can accomplish this point, it would be great if you could even throw a few random items in that game trade window (if you decide to buy/sell gold using a face-to-face transaction via in-game trade) so it looks like you're actually buying or selling some items for actual in-game currency, which is perfectly legitimate. Also, you should discuss it with the gold seller/buyer to meet somewhere else rather than at the local capital city's bank where every level 15 scrub can point at who's buying gold and who's not. Pick up a different and remote location, outside the capital city or even inside, in some tavern. blog | eve isk | blade and soul power leveling | guild wars 2 gold | maplestory mesos | aion kinah | tera gold | vindictus gold | dfo gold | ffxi gil | cheap wow gold | archeage gold | blade and soul gold | runescape gold | ffxiv gil | black desert silver | albion gold | swtor credits | eso gold | neverwinter astral diamonds | dofus kamas |