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wildstar gold

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WildStar is a fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is developed by Carbine Studios, published by NCSOFT and was unveiled on August 17, 2011 during Gamescom.While prices can fluctuate, in general the price is the highest in the first week of the game's release. Within the first two months the biggest devaluation is over. This coincides with gold seller characters having reached the level cap and having found repeatable ways of making gold at that level. The general downwards trend will continue from there on at a much slower pace. However, the release of expansions or a transition to free-to-play can cause shortages of WildStar gold, resulting in temporary price hikes.

How to make wildstar gold in game?

Pick up contracts (PVE/PVP) and complete them (can be done while doing content below)
Complete dailies to hit Elder Gem cap (remember to pick up "kill x creatures contracts" for daily zones)
Run Veteran Infestation Expedition (this is the fastest expedition: 6-9 minutes with good gear - pick up "complete veteran expedition" contract when it's in rotation - also chances on mounts/dyes/pets you use can sell on CX)
Run random battlegrounds (pick up all non-arena or warplot contracts before you go)
Don't forget to turn in contracts when you complete them! Check if you completed any after each daily zone and turn them in before moving to the next one, so you can pick up additional contracts (eg pick up kill x moodies contract before doing northern wilds, pick up kill x marauders before doing crimson isle etc). When you're doing pvp you can just queue while standing next to the contract board so you can turn them in while queueing for the next.

Because you will get banned. And if everyone did so the economy would collapse. Might as well ask why you shouldn't buy a stolen car, it's cheaper.
Wildstar Gold sellers will always be cheaper, because the only way they can entice players into cheating is by offering a significant economic advantage.

It's 3$ for 1 Wildstar Platinum and CREDD sells for 3-4 Plat here.
1 CREDD = 20$
15 Gold = 1$ if you buy from Carbine
100 Gold = 1$ from a gold seller
So while I don't do this (still sitting on one CREDD I bought a while ago), I think it's just sad that CREDD sells for so much less than you would get from Gold sellers. That's not how Carbine said it would work.

Gold Sellers don't make their main profit off selling gold, they make their main profit of :
- Hacking / Leaking Credit Card Information
- In case of PowerLeveling stealing account data and everything on it
- Identity theft if they get to your info
- Scamming
Also, when you buy from a gold seller this may hapen to you :
- Compromised Credit card, potentionally 1000s of $ damages
- Identity theft
- Hacked account
- Everything you have beeing sold
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