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neverwinter ad

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how to deliver neverwinter astral diamonds in game?

You sell a item like enchantment rank 5 for 1.11m in the auction house,then we buy that item you posted on ah,then auction house cut 10% tax,you get the 1M neverwinter astral diamonds.

pls dont post some item too cheap like potions,portable altar.if you have a item like enchantment rank 9,it would be best.some common item over 400 in the auction house,we can not find it.

where do you farm the neverwinter ad in game?

sell the items what you have in the auction house,if some one buy your item,then you get the neverwinter ad.

How to post the items and how much value they should make for the item? For 1M AD, players should post an item which values at 1120000 AD, because there is 10% fee in AH, so after we buy, the players will get 1000000 diamonds which is 1M. If 2M, then players can layout 1120000*2. Just set the item bid price as 1 AD,so you dont need post much post fee.all you to do is set the buy out price.

change zen into the astral diamonds in the Astral Diamond Exchange.How do you exchange zen in to ad.

The Astral Diamond Exchange is an in game store that allows the exchange of Zen into Astral Diamonds and vice versa. A custom amount can be put in for the exchange ratio, or you can pick from a range of top listings to exchange the two currencies. The exchange rates fluctuate as, ultimately, it is the players that set the current rate of exchange. Be on the lookout for good prices when attempting to trade between the two currencies.

This is how I read you can transfer AD between characters, which I tested and it works:

1. Hit the menu button
2. Go to the "Store" tab
3. Go to "Astral Diamonds Exchange"
4. Make sure you are on the "Buy ZEN" tab
5. Enter desired amount of "ZEN Quantity to buy", at a "Unit Price" of 50 AD each
6. Click the "Post" button to list the offer
7. Go over to the "Listings" tab
8. Cancel Listing
9. Switch to character you want to transfer the AD to
10. Go back to "Astral Diamonds Exchange"
11. Go to either the "Buy ZEN" or "Sell ZEN" tab
12. Hit the y-button to "Withdraw Exchange Balance" and you're done

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