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maplestory mesos

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if you dont have a shop in maplestory,mesos trading will have high tax

this is the tax when you dont have the maplestory shop

100k = .80%
1m = 1.8%
5m = 3%
10m = 4%
25m = 5%
100m = 6%

just buy a store from maplestory,your tax will only be 3%,we will cover the 3% tax

You cannot trade over max mesos without multiple trades. You can only hold up to max mesos, so you need to either put money back into storage or take money out the storage, if you are seller or buyer, respectively.
Also, to conduct a trade for items over max mesos limit, the seller first opens a shop. The seller should have potions set to 99,999,999. A stack to 10 equates to 1 billion mesos. The reason for 99,999,999 is to reduce tax. Using a shop instead of direct trade also reduces tax.

1.Login with your toon,and go to the certain Chanel and Free Market.Then, open a store.

2.Pick up useless items.Mark the price for 4,999,999 for each.
        A.You should put up 101 items for 4,999,99 if you purchase 500M Mesos;

        B.You should put up 202 items for 4,999,99 if you purchase 1000M Mesos;

        C.You should put up 303 items for 4,999,99 if you purchase 1500M Mesos;

        D.You should put up 404 items for 4,999,99 if you purchase 2000M Mesos;


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