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guildwars2 gold

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1.We will send guild wars 2 gold to you by in-game mailbox. But you only can take 500g from mailbox each week. Details

2.We can mail you the items which you want to buy from black lion trading post by the amount of gold your purchased.

3.If you want send gw 2 gold with game email, after the gold are confiscated, we did not resend the gold to you.

there will be a limit on how much guild wars 2 gold a single player can receive through in-game mail and/or the Guild Vault each week. This limit, which is based on historical data, should not affect the normal transfer of gold between players. It is designed to prevent rapid and abusive transfers of gold that may be part of account takeovers, fraud, and RMT (gold selling).
Full details about the system:
Each account will have a limit on how much gw 2 gold can be moved from its mail in-box and Guild Vault into its wallet each week.
If you receive more gold through in-game mail than you can accept in a week, the gold will remain attached to the mail in your in-box and can be retrieved up to the limit the following week or in subsequent weeks.
For the purposes of this limit, a week begins at 12:01 AM UTC each Sunday (5:01 PM PDT/4:01 PM PST Saturday).
Gold received from the Trading Post is not subject to this limit.
The maximum amount of gold that can be sent via a single in-game mail will be 500 gold.
The maximum total amount of gold that an individual player account can accept in a week will be 500 gold.
We will monitor this system and may make changes to the limits if we find that changes are necessary.

gold sellers generate many bad problems to gw2 game. there are many gold spammers who spam the players mailbox.and many gold hackers that steal player's gold then resell it to other i would recommend remove the gold trade system.Just let people set up flea markets to trade their items with other people for whatever other items they think it’s worth. That way people will play your content not just for some virtual currency but for the reward that actually matters. IMO just remove gold, I don’t really need to be slaving away in a game to earn virtual currency when I’m already doing that out of game to earn real currency. This way it’ll add more community bonding to the community as well as people trade and negotiate instead of just putting a price tag on their items.

Guild Wars 2 (GW2), released in late 2012 is a free-to-play MMO by ArenaNet and NCSoft that features active combat, a skill-based PvP system, weapon-based skills and two distinct dungeon modes. The game was positively received by gamers and continued to see soaring number of new players months after its official launch date. The story follows that five warring nations in Tyria battle against each other over centuries for power. Guild Wars 2 claims to be unique in the genre by featuring a storyline that is responsive to player actions,something which is common in single player role-playing games but rarely seen in multiplayer ones. A dynamic event system replaces traditional questing,utilising the ripple effect to allow players to approach quests in different ways as part of a persistent world. blog | eve isk | blade and soul power leveling | guild wars 2 gold | maplestory mesos | aion kinah | tera gold | vindictus gold | dfo gold | ffxi gil | cheap wow gold | archeage gold | blade and soul gold | runescape gold | ffxiv gil | black desert silver | albion gold | swtor credits | eso gold | neverwinter astral diamonds | dofus kamas |