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dfo gold

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Since the new game update, now we can deliver you the DFO gold in 3 different ways.
1. On weekends, the auction house will be open, you can get the gold you purchase by AH, but lvl50 is required to be able to list an item on AH.
2. Getting your gold by shop is the second way if you have Amateur Personalshop Doll, you sell an item for the amount of your order, then we go to buy the item and you get your gold. You need to make the Amateur Personalshop Doll by yourself, it requires:
Animation required lv6, 5 pc ethereal animation,
2 pc ordinary protein, 5 white magical production;

3. You can get your gold if you are an enchanter, you can open a shop by your “profession” function. Firstly, in your menu Window ,your “profession” function should be available, click it, open enchant shop(or Disassembler shop), write the amount of your order, then we will go to buy your enchant shop(or Disassembler shop), gold will get delivered. By this way, you can use it many times without any costs, so we advise you to open your profession function.

It won't make dfo gold irrelevant. It's not like PoE. The way the TP works in GW2 is like this:
If you want to buy an item, you can either buy the cheapest one that is listed instantly or set a lower buy order. If you choose the latter, the gold is already deducted from you (you can get it back if you cancel your order).
If you want to sell an item, you can either sell it instantly to the highest buy order or put up the item and set a price yourself.
With DFO's current auction house, RMT is still possible to do because you can theoretically put up a cube fragment for 30 million and have it be bought by the gold seller. There's literally no reason at all to buy anything more expensive than the cheapest one from the auction house with trading losing its functionality as a means of business. Changing the auction house's functionality to that of a trading post makes it easier for Neople to go after RMT because it simply can't be used for that purpose anymore.

Here's a solution (that works only because you guys trust each other)
Post item(s) on AH worth about the gold your friend owes, but price it slightly above the minimum prices so someone else doesn't buy it. Decide on the ending 2 digits so your friend can identify it. (For example, if your friend owes you 50k and you decide on the number 39, put up an item worth around 30k for 50039 gold)
Your friend trades the item he bought from you to you.
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