they delete the complaining feedback that not deliver orders

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I have purchased maplestory mesos that i have not recieved. They have a live chat option, everytime i go to them they will not answer me, i have tried probably above 20 times.In the feedback section there was multiple people complaining that they were not delivering orders, now these feedback have been deleted so people dont know they are not living up to thier purpose.I have ordered from them a couple times before with no problems so i dont understand why they are now ignoring every live chat / emial i send them. Thanks for any help.

I have not recived what i paid for and have been trying to contact for the last 4 days through email and live chat. The live chat doesnt even work, it constantly just says waiting. Upon reading recent feedback on the website, I have seen that i am not the only one thats currently getting fobbed off. I want my money back.

Still not getting any valuable response except “I will deliver it soon”. I checked their facebook page and feedback section on their websites and seems that there are many other customers experiencing the same. I’ll just escalate the case next Monday, if I can’t hear from them until then.

I have been waiting for a while and haven’t received anything so far. Your live chat really looks like a bot and hasn’t responded anything valuable, not even an estimated delivery time. I think I’d better get the refund, if you feel like you can’t make the delivery.