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MapleStory EXP Leeching mechanics have been slightly tweak this year. If you are out of combat after a period of time, you will not receive EXP based on MapleStory Nexon Official patch notes.

Based from players discussion on MapleStory Reddit, there are 2 rules to follow:
1. The lowest level party member must be within 40 levels of the highest level party member, else the lowest level party member will not receive any EXP from party.
2. The party member must not be more than 5 levels under the monster level, otherwise he/she can’t gain leech EXP from party member who defeats it.

On GMS at least, the hidden map with the Dual Ghost Pirate’s found in Ludi clock tower’s Warped Path of Time 3, give 10k exp each, which is more than even the recommended mobs at for lv 150-165, and they’re only lv 119.

The map has a ton of spawns and the layout is a perfect thin tower with a portal to teleport back to the top from the bottom

First Job Level 1-30

Level Range Monster(s) Location Description
1-10 Tutorial for class/Automatic leveling
10-30 Flaming Golems Golem Temple 3 Henesys Popular spot to level. Reboot approved
10-30 Various Monsters Pantheon Maps Maps to train on for our Nova friends and are a less crowded alternative to the popular Golems. Pick a monster at or very close to your level. Reboot approved
15-30 Blue Mushmom Blue Mushmom Forest Henesys Just go through each channel and kill for some quick levels.
20-35 Streetlight Streetlight Row Edelstein Another alternative to leveling up first job characters. Reboot approved

Second Job Level 30-60

Level Range Monster(s) Location Description
30-35 Questline Ellinel Academy Theme Dungeon You can begin this questline via lightbulb quests at level 30. These quests mostly consists of kill x number of monsters and loot x item(s). While it is slightly slower than immediately heading to Gold Beach, it is helpful for both Reboot players and newer players with the following completion rewards: 500k Mesos, 100 spell traces, and a level 35 glove (all stat +1, atk/matk +1) along with a cape. Reboot approved
35-40 Questline Gold Beach Theme Dungeon More kill and collect quests, with a beach theme. Good questline to complete since you would train here anyway. The Gold Beach questline is great for Reboot players and newer players due to the completion rewards: 1 million Mesos, 200 spell traces, and Octopus Earrings (meh). Reboot approved
30-50 Emerald Clam Slime, etc. Seaside 1 and beyond Most Gold Beach maps are great for leveling, my personal favorite is Seaside 1. Reboot approved
50-55/58 Questline Riena Strait Theme Dungeon You can access this questline via lightbulb quests at level 50. Good alternative to get a few levels if you cannot kill drakes efficiently. Especially good for newer players and Reboot players, it offers the following completion rewards: 2 million Mesos, 300 spell traces, and a Sailor Belt (+2 all stats) along with the face accessory. Reboot approved
50-60 Wild Boar Burnt Land Wild Boar Land Perion Decent map and decent mobs if you don’t want to complete Reina Strait and if you are tired of Gold Beach.
50-60 Skeledogs Excavation Intermission Area Perion Alternative location if you cannot find a map at Copper Drakes. Enter the building for great mob/spawn rate.
55-60 Copper Drakes Silent Swamp Sleepywood One of the most popular training locations. Offers great mob count and spawn rate. Arguably the best map to grind for elite bosses due to its popularity.

Third Job Level 60-100

Level Range Monster(s) Location Description
60-70 Copper Drakes Silent Swamp Sleepywood Why leave a great map? Most classes have better mobbing tools with their 3rd job skills which allow you to train more efficiently here. Reboot approved if near level 66
60-70 Twisted Jester Chimney Possessed by the Clown New Leaf City To get here you need to enter the haunted mansion in NLC, then enter the chimney,and jump on the springs until you are in front of the room up top..
60-65 Questline Mushroom Castle Theme Dungeon A slightly longer theme dungeon, with several kill and loot quests, and a small jump quest. While the experience earned here is not the best, it is reasonable and is good for Reboot and new players due to having the following rewards: 3 million Mesos, 400 spell traces, and a “Shackles of Love” equip (+2 all stats +1 atk/matk).
70-140 Neo Huroid Romeo and Juliet Party Quest (Talk to portal, select Party Quest, and talk to Romeo or Juliet) Requires four people within 20 levels of each other. This is the fastest way to level up, but you may have some difficulty if the monsters are too high level for you (its is based off of the party’s average level capping at 99). Reboot approved, good luck getting in!
70-90 Big Spider Verne Mine: Shaft 2 and beyond Map that offers OK experience rate. I usually train here just to get the Big Spider Familiar to improve drop rate.
70-100 Scorpion/Sand Rat Sahel 2 Ariant/Magatia Another somewhat popular training map. This map is great if you cannot find a party for Romeo and Juliet PQ or if you want to fight elite bosses. Reboot approved if near 79

Fourth Job Level 100-140+

Level Range Monster(s) Location Description
100-140 Neo Huroid Romeo and Juliet Party Quest Get your fourth job advancement and come right back! Reboot approved
100-140 Various leveled Mobs Monster Park Extreme Talk to portal, select Monster Park, and go through last portal to the right. Requires tickets with three being given daily. Reboot approved and great for farming equips
100-120 Harp/Blood Harp Starforce Sky Nests 2/3 Leafre Requires at least 5 stars on your equips in order to train effectively(an equip that has been scrolled/spell traced and star enhanced 5 times). If you don’t have any star force, you can try training on Sky Nest 1.
105+ Various Mobs Evolution Lab Party Quest Talk to portal and select Evolution Lab. It requires a few prequests and is not the best source of experience, but can be used to purchase potential scrolls, mastery books, and spell traces. The arguably best map is link 3. Can be done three times a day.
105-125 Robo/Master Robo Toy Factory <Apparatus Room> Ludibrium Alternative map with decent spawn after finishing your daily quests/bossing. Reboot approved if around 113
120-130 Various Starforce Mobs Starforce Ludibrium Maps Lower Floor Ludibrium
125-140 Captain/Kru Red Nose Pirate Den 2 Herb Town Map with great spawn rate and number of monsters. Reboot approved
125-140+ Moon Bunny Black Mountain Enterance Korean Folk Town Map with crazy good spawn and good experience. Probably the best place to train 125-140+
140+ Leveled Mobs Dimensional Invasion PQ Talk to portal, select Dimensional Invasion, and [talk to Piston.]( Limited to five times a day, this PQ offers a huge amount of mobs and spawns them very quickly, with the goal being to eliminate them before they overwhelm the map. Reboot approved and great for equips!
140+ Selkie Jr./Slimy Mysterious Path 3 Singapore Weak monsters with amazing spawn rate, works well when you share the map as well. This map is great for completing attendance/event quests.
140+ StarforceSkelegon/Dark Wyvern Minrar Forest The Dragon Nest Left Behind 1 Leafre Requires some funding due to large amount of hp/Starforce requirement]
140+ Various Mobs Temple of Time Maps and Quests Complete the questline and advance through ToT in order to access higher level maps. These prequests are needed to fight Pink Bean.
165+ Official Knight A/B First/Second Drill Hall Gate of Future You can train here at level 160 with a teleport. One of the best places to train with end-game in mind. It offers the best experience for those that wish to continue leveling up to 200+ keeping in mind the map is flat/small and encourages partying/leeching. Requires funding to effectively solo the map. Recently Changed to a Star Force Map, initial findings make it sub-par compared to before.
190+ Ancient Mixed Golems Twilight Perion Gate of Future An expansion on Gate of Future accessible at 190+. These golems may hit somewhat hard and automatically attack you. Also watch out for their wide range attack. This map has great spawn rate and mob count. These golems are level 198, so expect several missed hits if you train here at 190. There is a very small safe spot that all classes can access on the corner of the left edge as it dips down as seen here. Otherwise, you can fly or zip up to the top of the left or right side of the columns
200+ Various Mobs Scrapyard/Skyline/Black Heaven Maps Housed in the Edelstein region, various monsters level 200+ are located here. At times, various pieces of scrap metal fall down, that do % hp damage, so there are no safe spots. These monsters hit hard, have a good spawn rate and are the current end game mobs.

Tired of grinding off of waves and waves of mobs? Then take a break and kill some bosses for experience! Unfortunately, bossing usually isn’t the best experience, especially during the early levels, so I will list some of the ones worth killing (for experience). Most Bosses will require some preparation to fight them, such as potions, all cures, and having a high enough range to defeat them in a timely manner. Check the Boss Tab in Maplestory for information on each boss! You can also check out this guide here although it is a year old. Please note the spawn rate/times listed. For some bosses, such as Zakum, you can kill in any form but are limited to 2x a day with any combination. For example you can kill 1x Normal Zakum and 1x Chaos Zakum or 2x Normal Zakum, etc. Also note that the bosses that are spawned on different channels are shared to every player, so first come first serve!

Level Range Boss Location Description Spawn Time/Rate
15-30 Blue Mushmom Blue Mushmom Forest Henesys Easy early level boss that gives good experience for the effort needed to kill it. 1x per channel ~1hr spawn time
50-70 Easy Zakum The Door to Zakum (limited to 2 times a day) Just go to the Chief Residence in El Nath, talk to an instructor that fits your job, and you will be teleported to the map to fight zakum 2x day Midnight Reset
90+ Normal Zakum The Door to Zakum (Reccomended at 100+ if not funded) Great source for daily experience. If you cannot defeat the whole thing, kill the arms for experience. 20-30k+ Range needed. 2x day Midnight Reset
130+ Easy Horntail Cave of Life Leafre Another boss that has split body parts, so more experience! Requires 50k+ range. More difficult than Zakum. 2x day Midnight Reset
130+ Normal Hilla Azwan via Dimensional Mirror A boss that gives decent experience. Requires some more funding than Zakum due to Hilla’s damage reduction and damage reflect. 2x day Midnight Reset
130+ Female Boss (aka Anego) Zinpangu Parlor An old Showa Town that spawns in the Hideout. 1x per channel ~12 hour spawn time
140+ Chaos Zakum The Door to Zakum Zakum with even greater experience! Requires 70k+ range. Be wary of the combination of seduce, dispel, and 1/1 (% reduction of hp/mp to 1). 2x day Midnight Reset
150+ Krexel Signapore Ruins of Krexel II An easy boss that gives great experience, just be wary that he has a lot of hp. (Protip, use a Rune to boost damage and experience) 2x day 24 hr reset from last entry
160+ Horntail/Chaos Horntail Cave of Life Leafre Stronger version of Easy Horntail, Normal has more HP than easy. Chaos has weapon damage reflect (left head) and magic damage reflect (right head). 2x day Midnight Reset
160+ Bodyguards A/B and The Boss Showa Town Hideout A set of three bosses (Bodyguard A/B and The Boss) that requires a comb etc drop from Female boss to fight. Talk to the npc in the last map of the hideout and drop a comb on top of the treasure chest. Gives good experience, but can annoying to fight. Bodyguard A stuns often (most annoying for non-range classes), Bodyguard B attacks drain MP, The Boss constantly uses a 1/1 attack. Auto HP/MP recommended. 1x day 24 hr reset from last entry
180+ Pink Bean Deep Place of Temple: Forgotten Twilight A boss that requires you complete a long chain of prequests at Temple of Time. Very great experience from both the statues and itself. Pink Bean requires 100k+ range due to damage reflect and its damage reduction. 1x day 24 hr reset from last entry


Familiars Use your familiars while you train, you can easily get a Jr. Boggie familiar at Perion Southern Ridge that heals your MP. I also recommend getting a Big Spider familiar from Eldestein for increased drop rate.

EXP Boosters Increase the amount of experience each monster gives, so that you need to kill fewer to level! These include the following

EXP Buff Description
Party Buffs (This includes a Priest’s Holy Symbol (aka HS) [1.5x] and a Beast Tamer’s Friends of Arby [1.3x]. While not a direct EXP boost, Kanna’s Kishin Soukan (aka Kishin) boosts spawn rate and spawn count of normal mobs.
Runes (An interactive NPC which you talk to (default key spacebar) and use your arrow keys in order to get a 2 minute 1.5x buff. Runes can be used every 15 minutes and respawns on the same map after 1 hour.
Cash Shop Coupons (Coupons you can purchase in the Cash Shop for 2x experience)
Mercedes Link Skill (Level up a Mercedes Character to 70/120 for a 10/15% exp boost)
Zero Character Card (This character to your card set gives a 4%/6%/8%/10% exp boost)
Event Coupons (Events such as Attendence Quests, Hot Time gifts, etc. often have EXP multipliers (1.3x/1.5x/2x) as rewards to completing them.
Resting (By having a character rest as a part time job, a character can potentially get a 1.3x coupon.)
Star Planet (Star Planet rewards 2x coupons for completing mini games.)
2x Events (During some weekends holidays and events, Maplestory can experience a 2x events which stack with other boosts)
Burning Arguably the best effect for leveling. This effect is given to one character per world during an event period via character creation (past event starting at level 10) or questline (e.g. Sizzling Santa quest beginning at level 33) that allows the user to level 3 times per level (e.g. instead of leveling from 33-34, you would level 33-34-35-36) Think of it as buy one, get two free!