kept repeating the same lines over and over as if they were using a bot

I mailed/disputed the neverwinter seller and they didnt respond. I contacted them multiple times for more than 3 weeks after purchase prior to the dispute yet still they kept stalling me. They also said not to go to paypal like “dont contact paypal” n thats it. They said this 3 times on 3 different occasions and i agreed hoping that they would give me my neverwinter order, they didnt and continued stalling me.

Now that i contacted them through paypal they are not responding and are completely ignoring me when i go to them now on their live chat feature. Everytime i contacted them via email i NEVER got a response. Everytime i used their live chat feature they kept repeating the same lines over and over as if they were using a bot. I never reached a solution or some sought of appeasement by contacting them except that they would say that they would give it to me but still havent.

On their website it shows other people purchasing their products and the dates of purchase and arrival. i saw depicted uncountable amounts of consumers who had purchased the products and received it sometime between a few hours to two days and one guy got his in 9 minutes! all after my date of purchase (All products are digital,it is for neverwinter astral diamonds ps4)I still havnt gotten it :/ please help :'( i dont like these people anymore so please may i request that i receive my money back.Thank you :)Kindest Regards