The item is virtual gold for elder scroll online played on the Xbox One

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I ordered 1000K eso gold for the game Elder Scrolls Online for the Xbox One on the North American Server and didn’t receive it. It’s been over 24 hours which should have taken less than a few hours to deliver. Order # 201612262319294

I’ve been trying to work with the seller. The only communication I’ve had is through their online live help. Every time I communicate it’s with a person named Linda and every time I’ve communicated with her, she’d said she’ll have my delivery within a day and other times she’s said within hours. The item is virtual gold for an online game played on the Xbox One. I purchased 1 million gold and so far I’ve only received 120 k. I’ve asked if she has the gold in stock and she’s said yes. If that’s the case, I should have gotten the full delivery within minutes of purchase.

Same company. But this was the first order I did with them. They did fill it partially. I contacted them after a few days and before I placed another letting them know my order was partially filled. I was told on numerous occasions it will be done tonight with nothing being done and my requests brushed aside. It has been a constant battle with these people. But again they marked the order as completed and it was not. since I got half my order I am only asking for half a refund.