is blade and soul gameguard dangerous for players?

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in order to defeat the blade and soul gold farmers,ncsoft develop a gameguard will remove the game bot worked.Game guard is an anti-cheating application used with MMORPGs . I have read that such applications acts as rootkit over the pc. How dangerous it is to play MMORPGs that uses this application? How could it be exploited (either by the company it self or by a malicious hacker) who hacks into the pc or the main company?

as i see blade and soul gameguard can not beat the blade and soul gold hackers,their bot system can still work on it. the hackers can steal crack the gameguard system.but gameguard  system will make some bad things to players.

To add insult to injury, some recent versions of Game Guard failed to close down properly when a game which used its anti-cheat engine was ended. It would continue to use the PC’s RAM and resources, injecting itself into running processes without the knowledge of the user. Even in Windows Task Manager, Game Guard doesn’t show itself as a running process, and it masks its huge CPU outlay by hooking into legitimate Windows components.

Sadly, we most likely missed the only real chance to have it removed during the beta, when just a small group voiced their distaste for gameguard for many good reasons, and the majority of people either white knighted or didn’t say anything. Most people were saying they “didn’t seem to be negatively affected” by gameguard and didn’t mind it.

The truth is, it really does impact your game. For some people a LOT more than others, to the point of making the game completely unplayable for them.

It has issues with so many different things (including some of the windows 10 services), I really wouldn’t be surprised if a large part of the “optimization issues” bns has is due only to having gameguard attached to it.

Anyone who’s been around from beta will remember the few times that gameguard was disabled as being the times BnS played the smoothest *by far*.

There were times I thought my ping had drastically improved, just to find out that it was only that gameguard had been temporarily disabled.