I have never given a poor review of any company I’ve done business

Once again, I am trying my best to get in touch with you concerning my gold order, order # 201609052321455. order is for 300k neverwinter astral diamonds ps4, placed last Monday 9/5/16.
I am really trying very hard to be patient as I know it is a large order, but a full week has come and gone, yet all I’ve received of my order is 66,900k, delivered in 2 separate transactions, via trade. You asked me to post items in the AH, which I have done severaltimes since placing my order. I’ve emailed you a number of times what the items are that I posted. Sadly, the auctions keeps expiring, as you know, due to the fact the auctions DO expire after the length of time they are posted for passes. I make sure to post items for 48 hours, the maximum allowed, yet, I do not receive any gold from you and they then expire. Each time I repost these auctions, it has been costing me almost 100g, which I just cannot afford to have happen any longer.
I do not know what the problem is as you assured me, at the time the order was placed, that you had 100k gold available on my server for “immediate” delivery. That never happened, instead I was approached in-game and was *traded* 34,500 gold, nowhere near the promised 100k gold 🙁  Now, a full week later, I am STILL waiting for my order. In addition to that initial delivery of 34,500 gold, I was *traded* another 32,400 gold while in-game, for a total delivery, to date, of 66,900gold. That leaves a balance due from you of 233,100 gold.
I have honored every request you have made as far as setting up auctions, but you keep letting them expire, auctions that end up costing me, as I said earlier, of almost 100 gold.
I have gone to bladeandsoul007.com to try to contact you several times in the past week, only to find a message stating  that you are unavailable, that the “delivery team is in-game and you’ll,” be back in 3 hrs”. I have returned to the site after 3 hrs and waited, but you’ve never shown up.
I don’t know what to do at this point. I know you ( your company) owe me 233,100 gold. I know a full week has passed since this order was placed with assurances ” the size of the order was not a problem” …that 100,000 gold was “available immediately”, yet was not delivered as promised.
I ordered from you, your company, in good faith, that you would deliver the product, as promised. Right down to the coupon code you gave me…it never worked and there was no reduction in the cost of my order as you promised. I brought this to your attention, yet it was not corrected and the discount was never applied to my order.
I have never given a poor review of any company I’ve done business with but I am beginning to feel I will have no choice but to report all this to PayPal if this order/transaction is not completed immediately.