Any mmo has those damn spammers that deal in virtual currencies

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Had to make a review for the sake of people never having to go through that bs that is I’ll be honest in saying this is my first purchase in this whole real world trading thing, but I can tell you that is company is horrible. Years ago it may been alright, sure, reviews here prove that, (the site reviews are fixed) but my experience proves they aren’t what they used to be.

Here’s my story,

Any mmo has those damn spammers that deal in virtual currencies in exchange for your real ones. I was fed up with having a painfully slow mount that was about the same speed as me running with an speed boost ability on. Being neverwinter(mmo in general) , I couldn’t just obtain better ones through quests.
mounts and all the cool extras had to be bought from the zen shop or trade house.

To get the best tier of mount, (110% run speed, better buffs) you need to drop an insane amount of money buying directly from zen shop, or trade it with others players with neverwinter astral diamonds ps4. Zen is the currency you buy with real cash. astral is stuff you can convert to zen and can get it a bunch of ways ingame. (True f2p?) that would take months of farming, and I wasn’t even max level yet.

There is an exchange with the astrals and zen, where players trade between each other for what they need at the time. It kinda works out and offers at the time of this post where 1 zen for 200 astrals diamond. Too much grinding however. I only was getting a few thousand astrals a day, and without investing in more characters, I would be capped at 28k astrals a day with a max level with good gear doing every given thing. There goes the f2p route.

Each zen is worth a penny, so 3000 zen is thirty bucks. No way would I go that route for a horse! So the zen market was out of the question.

As I mentioned in the intro, I saw those spammers and decided to go buy some astrals. Went to mmocake offering 1.1m astral diamonds for $13.50. I could just convert the diamonds to over 30 bucks of zen!! The cheapest and quickest route so I thought, oh I was wrong.

Made an account at the site, fill out the correct info for my order, xbox server, neverwinter, 1.1m diamonds, etc. confirm order and pay for it. On all their descriptions they state go through the insta chat to get your stuff. So I did.

This is where I met Linda. Just told her about my order and seemed to know what I was talking about without requiring the order id. I have pictures of the chats, I’ll have to make an imgur to show them but it was infuriating because I felt intentionally lead on because they are a shady company that most likely doesn’t have the stock on most of the games on that site. My case was weird because am a xbox player in the us, and mmocake is based in mainland china. Isn’t their restrictions with that type of thing? They gotta have a dude in the u.s. Or something that handles it but couldn’t arrange such a small order? Linda mentioned delivery teams anytime she essentially went afk. Why wasn’t I just put into contact with them. I asked pretty much daily “this shoulda took 15mins?! “But Linda mostly gave her copy response of “i am working hard on your order” that was for like 3 days. 4th day after my work I told Linda I am refunding my order unless I get status. And she said it was almost ready and would be delivered. But the next day I had no messages, so I refunded my purchase on paypal, wrote the company that my order was too slow, and. A day later the cash is indeed refunded.

Overall, I got my cash back and it seems like components of their company function well enough( finances of course, Linda was a real person) but copied pasted a lot of messages and seemed intent on making me wait on the order so she kept my confidences up with the pretense of getting my order. Otherwise, if they had the stock, she would of arranged my order as soon as I asked.

Shady stufgoing on. What’s the idea here? Make me wait long enough so I forget scam? Or they try to maximize business by posting all these mmorpgs they “have” stock to sell for, Amass lots of orders and then scramble to get the stock at a lower price and slowly deal with the orders for a profit? Who knows. But never use this. 1/10