will ncsoft ban blade and soul gold buyers?

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yes,blade and soul gold sellers can get banned,this is 100% sure.because gold farmers can destroy the game market. they hack account from normal players,then steal the gold from account and resell it to normal players from the gold selling website. but my question today is will ncsoft ban blade and soul gold buyers? you know that those players who buy blade and soul gold is very rich in the game.they are the most important part of blade and soul,blade and soul can make a lot of money from them.

ncsoft ban some accounts on Sep. 28, 2015.this method make blade and soul players very mad.The ban case has caused a wide range of discussion and got NCSOFT into much trouble.NCSOFT never ban Blade And Soul Gold buyers in the past three months, in the meantime.

Currency is more important in Blade And Soul. As you know, there is almost no Gold drop, and it is worthless if you sell materials and gears to vendors. Therefore, as an enterprising adventurer, it is necessary to buy Gold if you do not have time to farm materials by yourself.

I have been playing games since 2014 and selling game currency since 2016, never heard players’ accounts got banned because they bought currency. For example, if NCSOFT bans Gold buyers, most of the players already got banned, for there are millions of players have been bought Gold, in this case the game BNS should have died already. For NCSOFT’s another game Blade And Soul, a player who talked about this ban case said that “I knew a number of people who bought Gold in Blade And Soul and never even received a warning about it unless they talked about it openly/bought very large quantities.