How to get Soul Badge in blade and soul?

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after ncsoft release blade and soul new update,you can see a new equipment Soul Badge in game now. each class have different Soul Badge,Soul Badge dont add any extra stats.Soul Badge can  divided Tribute Soul Badge and Devotion Soul what is Soul Badge?

Soul Badge can increase your skills.where do you get it? i think you can buy blade and soul gold from farmers to get it.

How to Acquire Soul Badge?

As for now, the way to acquire we need 90 Tribute Token to exchange Soul Badge in Mushin’s Hall.

How to Acuire Tribute Token?

There are two ways to acquire Tribute Token:
1.Acquired from Tower of Infinity Infinite Battle Tribute Season

In Tower of Infinity 16-40, you can acquire 1 Tributes Token, Tower of Infinity 41-80, you can acquire 2 Tributes Token, Tower of Infinity 81-100, you can acquire 3 Tribute Token.

2.Acquired from Tower of Infinity Exchange Merchant Gang Chiwon


Shadow Dance Sidestep Left – Upon successful immunity with [Q], heals an addition 5% of maximum HP and grants an additional 1 second of immunity.

Lightning Stride – Successful [RB] will also apply a 3 second down (No Joint Tech)



Soaring Falcon – Successful [Z] (Type 2, Type 3) will grant 1.5s of immunity.

Flash Step – Successful [F] (Type 1, Type 2) now applies a 1 second stun. (No Joint Tech)



Dominate – Extends [F] duration by 2 seconds.

Typhoon – During [Q], movement speed is increased by 20%.



Frost Armor – Upon [Tab] (Type 3) cast, heals 20% of maximum HP.

2 (From Cheat Sheet) – Successful [3] (Type 2) will reduce the cooldown of [V] (Type 1) by 8 seconds. (Skill description discrepancy w/ TW image as below)

Frost Nova (From Imgur Gallery) – Imprisons an enemy in Frost Prison for 8 sec when Frost Nova hits



Comet Strike – Casting [4] grants 1 second of immunity to Stun, Groggy, Down and Knockback states (not damage).

Tremor – Casting [V] grants 1 second of immunity.



Soul Blade Mark – Successful [2] will reset the cooldown of [4].

Heavenly Dance – Successful [RB] grants 5 seconds of immunity to Stun, Groggy, Down and Knockback states (not damage).



True Friend – Successful immunity with [X] (Type 2) will reset the cooldown of [E].

Flying Nettles, Briar Patch – Successful [4]/[F] will reduce the cooldown of [1] by 50%.



*Bulwark Charm *– After using [1], [F] is available to use (regardless of block state).

Return – Casting [E] will heal Demon Summon for 30% maximum HP.


Soul Fighter / Chi Fighter

Dragonfury – Resists Stun, Groggy, Knock Down and Knock Back while using Dragonfury

Chi Blast – Using Chi Blast recovers party member HP additionally by 10%


Blade Master
When Soaring Falcon (Z) Stage 2,3 hits enemies for the 1st time, resist damage and abnormal status for 1.5 sec
Flash Step (F) induces 1 sec stun upon hit (cannot combo with other cc skill)

Kungfu Master
Casting Comet Strike (4) allows you to resist Stun, Daze, Knockdown and Knockback for 1 sec.
Casting Tremor (4) allows you to resist damage and abnormal status for 1 sec.

Increase grab/choke (F) duration by 2 sec
Increase movement speed by 20% when Typhoon (Q) hits.

Force Master
Recover 20%HP upon casting Frost Armor (TAB)
Frost Nova (3) induces Ice Prison on target for 8 sec.

Resist damage and abnormal status for 1 sec and recover 5% HP upon resisting with Shadow Dance, Sidestep Left (Q)
Lightning Strike (RB) induces Knockdown on target, 3 sec after it hits (cannot combo with other cc skill).

Blade Dancer
When Soul Stab (2) hits an enemy, reset the CD of Phantom Grip (4)
Casting Heavenly Dance (RB)  allows you to resist stun, daze, knockdown & knockback for 5 sec sec.