where to farm blade and soul gold in bns?

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blade and soul gold is the most important part in blade and soul,you can not do anything without bns gold,you need gold to make good weapon and equipment,you need gold to level up fast,you need gold to pvp with other players.so where to farm gold in blade and soul?this is a hard question,but i will show you some good farming spots today. i would recommend to farm gold in game,because it is 100% hand made,you dont use any bot or cheat,NCSOFT company will never ban you,it is 100% safe.Dont buy

blade and soul online Summoner guide

blade and soul online Summoner guide Summoner is a ranged class in blade and soul.they have different kinds of attack skills.they can also use dandelion seeds to protect your alliance players.Summoner can make damage dealing, tanking, debuffing, support, and crowd control. Summoner is really funny in my opinion.it is a support class can help you a lot.Summoner’s great at crowd control can help me kill 5 monsters at one time.however,Summoner have many different control skills you need