blade and soul Gathering Professions locations

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there are two kinds of Professions in blade and soul,gathering and can have 2 Crafting Professions and 2 gathering Professions.

you dont need collect materials in blade and soul,you can pay some blade and soul gold to the npc,and npc will collect materials for really save your time.there are many different Gathering Professions,include farming, hunting, fishing, ginseng gathering, mining, quarrying, and lumbering.

and there are also many different Crafting Professions.include blacksmithing, sculpture, refining, cooking, pharmacy, pottery, and witch.

some good item is really hard to find it in blade and soul,and different Gathering Professions have different places,so you need a full guide about those item information and locations.i found those item Gathering locations in china game website,and translate it into english,hope you can like it.some item location name is in chinese,because blade and soul has not open beta you need translate it yourselves.good luck to all your guys,enjoy all those guide,you can farm a lot of blade and soul gold.

    • Herbside Service
      • Medicinals
        • Raspberry (Quest)
        • Lingzhi Mushrom (4 locations)
        • Hibiscus (3 locations)
        • 百年人参 (1 location, not yet released)
      • Flowers
        • Baby’s Breath (1 location)
        • Yulan (Magnolia) (2 locations)
        • Morning Glory (Hibiscus) (3 locations)
        • 天山雪莲 (1 locations, not yet released)

      Green Thumbs

      • Soil
        • Lake Mud (Quest)
        • Earthen Clay (Grey Clay) (4 locations)
        • Tempered Clay (Snow White Clay) (3 locations)
        • 冰川土 (1 location, not yet released)
      • Crops
        • Millet
        • Sorghum (2 locations)
        • Barley (3 locations)
        • 红薯 (1 location, not yet released)

The Fish Network

  • Shells
    • Mottled Cerith (Quest)
    • Jagged Conch (Horned Conch Shell) (4 locations)
    • Grimy Clam (Large Clam) (3 locations)
    • 扁螺皮 (Not yet released)
  • Fish Oil
    • Crap Oil (1 location)
    • Catfish Oil (2 locations)
    • Holy Mackerel Oil (Snakehead Oil) (3 locations)
    • 冰鱼油

Trappers Alliance

  • Meat
    • Whole Chicken (Quest)
    • Iron Ox Mean (Fox) (4 locations)
    • Gnarlhorn Meat (Wolf) (3 locations)
    • 熊肉 (Not yet released)
  • Bone
    • Scalebeak Bone (Chicken bone) (1 location)
    • Iron Ox Bone (Fox bone) (2 locations)
    • Gnarlhorn Bone (Wolf bone) (3 locations)
    • 熊骨 (Not yet released)