blade and soul Gathering Professions locations

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there are two kinds of Professions in blade and soul,gathering and can have 2 Crafting Professions and 2 gathering Professions. you dont need collect materials in blade and soul,you can pay some blade and soul gold to the npc,and npc will collect materials for really save your time.there are many different Gathering Professions,include farming, hunting, fishing, ginseng gathering, mining, quarrying, and lumbering. and there are also many different Crafting

blade and soul System Requirements

blade and soul is a great action based mmorpg game,it have nice vedio ui,also it need better vedio card than other is a 3d game.blade and soul can be played on Window XP, Vista or Window 7 and windows 8.for better performance Geforce 8800GTX and Radeon HD 4850 is can play this game smoothly with this vedio card.but if your computer is not good enough,you can still play blade and soul,just set your game config to low level.maybe game ui is not nice,but you can still