blizzard important Diablo 3 transmogrification system to world of warcraft

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when you play world of warcraft,you need loot many good items when you kill monsters,but there are limit slots in your bags.this is really dont have enough space to store your good wow items.and you need discard some good items sometimes.also you need a lot of time to sort your bags or clean your,this problem will be fixed.blizzard important Diablo 3 transmogrification system to world of warcraft,this is really a great news for wow players.i will tell you what is

This is sure hasn’t been my experience with this seller so far

I buy wow gold  300K for world of warcraft game and payed by paypal the 29/10. Order ID:201510300252107 Server: Underworld The character name: De Alba Banana And now 7 day later i havent received any gold yet? I have been writing to you many time by your online support, but no gold or refund. I have reached the point where i want a refund, and take my business elsewhere. I paid up front and even though my order was updated as “completed” on their order tracking system on the

what type of proof they provided to allow you to close this investigation

hello I can see unfortunately you decided to close this , the reseller mentioned she delivered the goods , when in reality they never did.I’m not sure what type of proof they provided to allow you to close this investigation , but if they did it would be nice to know when because up until today goods haven’t been delivered.interestingly to back this up , last week , when the dispute was about to close , they emailed me asking me if i wanted the goods delivered now! , which means

I’m sure Paypal as an organisation had several claim vs them

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After several attempt where i asked to have my money refunded and getting nowhere i have started to look online and there are several indication of people like me where they promised the delivery of goods quickly , just to get the order in.Typical response when i tried to get in touch are :- tell you they have no stock- tell you they are working on your order – stop coming back to you on the online chat ( as soon as i tell them my Order ID they go silent )on their website

they simply mislead a customer trying to get a fast payment in

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i buy wow gold for an online game called world of warcraft more than 24 hrs ago. before going ahead and purchase the good i specifically asked the operator on the online chat if the goods were in stock ad i needed them ASAP. she guaranteed me they were in stock and the worse case scenario i had to wait 30 minutes. is now more than 24 hrs and no goods, not only that but overtime i contact the chat to find out where my goods are or looking for a refund i keep getting either no answers or