What is the Maple Rewards System?

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  What is the Maple Rewards System? The new Maple Rewards system allows you access to items normally sold in the Cash Shop, by using Reward Points that you can earn in the game. You can earn Reward Points in the game by participating in events, playing mini-games in Star Planet, defeating bosses, clearing dungeons, and even leveling up. after you earn many reward points,you can use rewards points to make maplestory mesos quickly. You can also get a small amount of Reward Points by

maplestory level up location guide

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some maplestory players dont have enough spare time to level up character.there are many power leveling service in the market.when you google search maplestory power leveling maplestory mesos service,you will find a lot of power leveling service from china.all those service provider use bot to power level your maplestory account.you will take a high risk to get your account banned.so i would recommend dont use those power leveling service.you can level up yourself. i will suggest the best

Best training spots for maplestory level up

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i am a maplestory hardcore player.i already play maplestory for 5 years.i write some useful training guide,i would like share those alternatives training spots with all the players.you know it is very hard to power level in maplestory,if you dont have enough time to level up,you can not earn maplestory mesos.so you need find the good  training spots. useful training method can help you save a lot of time. Note #1: The reboot server offers a slightly different training experience than the

they delete the complaining feedback that not deliver orders

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I have purchased maplestory mesos that i have not recieved. They have a live chat option, everytime i go to them they will not answer me, i have tried probably above 20 times.In the feedback section there was multiple people complaining that they were not delivering orders, now these feedback have been deleted so people dont know they are not living up to thier purpose.I have ordered from them a couple times before with no problems so i dont understand why they are now ignoring every live

kept repeating the same lines over and over as if they were using a bot

I mailed/disputed the neverwinter seller and they didnt respond. I contacted them multiple times for more than 3 weeks after purchase prior to the dispute yet still they kept stalling me. They also said not to go to paypal like “dont contact paypal” n thats it. They said this 3 times on 3 different occasions and i agreed hoping that they would give me my neverwinter order, they didnt and continued stalling me. Now that i contacted them through paypal they are not responding and

The item is virtual gold for elder scroll online played on the Xbox One

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I ordered 1000K eso gold for the game Elder Scrolls Online for the Xbox One on the North American Server and didn’t receive it. It’s been over 24 hours which should have taken less than a few hours to deliver. Order # 201612262319294 I’ve been trying to work with the seller. The only communication I’ve had is through their online live help. Every time I communicate it’s with a person named Linda and every time I’ve communicated with her, she’d said

is blade and soul gameguard dangerous for players?

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in order to defeat the blade and soul gold farmers,ncsoft develop a gameguard system.it will remove the game bot worked.Game guard is an anti-cheating application used with MMORPGs . I have read that such applications acts as rootkit over the pc. How dangerous it is to play MMORPGs that uses this application? How could it be exploited (either by the company it self or by a malicious hacker) who hacks into the pc or the main company? as i see blade and soul gameguard can not beat the blade

I thought you ran a honest respectable business as I have ran mine for 30 yrs

That’s bad business decisions don’t you think? I was robbed by one of your delivery people on maplestory mesos for 150,000 he gives me the gold in  trade than says to me he didn’t take a  screen shot to show he delivered the 150000 to his boss I trusted your employee and allowed him to take that screen shot … I  thought you ran a honest respectable business as I have ran mine for 30 yrs But I see you do not .. Hope you understand you just  lost income   I

I have never given a poor review of any company I’ve done business

Once again, I am trying my best to get in touch with you concerning my gold order, order # 201609052321455. order is for 300k neverwinter astral diamonds ps4, placed last Monday 9/5/16. I am really trying very hard to be patient as I know it is a large order, but a full week has come and gone, yet all I’ve received of my order is 66,900k, delivered in 2 separate transactions, via trade. You asked me to post items in the AH, which I have done severaltimes since placing my order.

Any mmo has those damn spammers that deal in virtual currencies

Had to make a review for the sake of people never having to go through that bs that is bladeandsoul007.com. I’ll be honest in saying this is my first purchase in this whole real world trading thing, but I can tell you that is company is horrible. Years ago it may been alright, sure, reviews here prove that, (the site reviews are fixed) but my experience proves they aren’t what they used to be. Here’s my story, Any mmo has those damn spammers that deal in virtual currencies