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archeage gold

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Character Name:

Archeage Gold Deliver Method:

archeage gold can not be mailed in game now.because mail gold is not safe now.trion will track the mailed gold

and remove the we need use auction house to trade the archeage is more safe and fast.deliver gold

mail will get caught by trion worlds company,it is bad for both sellers and buyers may have a risk of

get banned.

ArcheAge gold will trade by selling items at the auction house. Please list your item FIRST before placing order.


Items Requirements:

because when you post some items in auction house,they will not show the seller name in we only accept

players crafted item or equipment with the name of crafter. because the item dont have crafter name is hard to find in

auction house,and we may buy wrong item if it only have item name. some players some scammers maybe create same

item name to confuse our delivery team,we may buy wrong item.

Tax and Auction Listing Price:

We'll cover 5% sales tax only. Please use this formula > (Item Buyout Price x 1.053) + some extra Silver or Bronze Coins

If your order are 3500 gold, kindly list 4 items. Example:

  1. Item 1: (1000 x 1.053) + 10S = 1053G 10S
  2. Item 1: (1000 x 1.053) + 15S = 1053G 15S
  3. Item 1: (1000 x 1.053) + 5S = 1053G 5S
  4. Item 4: (500 x 1.053) + 25S = 526G 25S


Note: Item's listing fee will return if item are sold.

some players worry that they need pay high deposit fee if they set the item expire time at 48 hours.

dont worry about this,the item list fee will return to you after item get sold by auction house.

we strongly recommend you to post item in auction house for 48 hours expire time,this does not

mean we deliver the archeage gold in 48 hours.we can deliver gold in 1 hour,but we just dont want to

get item expired if something wrong happened.


Information needed when you order archeage gold. Kindly enter the items info in the extra information.

  1. Item Name:
  2. Asking Price: random asking price are strongly recommended
  3. Buyout Price:
  4. Duration (*must be 48 hours) = 48 hours
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