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albion gold

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there are 2 types of currency in Albion online,Albion gold and Albion can covert your Albion gold to silver.What is the difference between gold and silver?

Albion silver is the common trading currency in Albion online,you can use silver to buy mats items from auction house.Albion gold is a premium currency,you can not use gold in beta i sold all my gold into silver.Gold is something like game company cash shop money,you can use gold to buy cosmetic items and also premium subscription can pay real money to buy gold from game company,and then use gold to buy something from offical cash shop.Gold is like the coins in ncsoft.Albion online dont sell silver offically,because silver is the economy in this game,if they sell silver,game economy balance will broke.

you can trade your gold to other players for silver,Albion Online say they dont sell silver,or it will broke the game economy balance.but it is the same.the players who have money can buy a lot of gold from Albion company,then change gold to silver.this is also a pay to win game.i support that gold can be used for vanity items and such. but Gold should never be tradable to other players via items obtained by silver or silver.Gold and silver should be 100% seperate to each other. otherwise it will be p2w. cause you can then buy gold then get somone to buy that gold from you for silver and then you have a lot of money to use on the markethouse.

Or, the other way around, if you want to have Gold without spending real money, you can simply trade away surplus silver or in-game items to other players for it.

There are only a few things that you can spend gold on:
You can use gold in place of silver while crafting
You can also trade gold for silver or items with other players
You can use gold to pay real estate upkeep

If you have bought Gold during the Closed Beta, the amount you purchased will automatically be credited to your account again after a server wipe took place during or at the end of Closed Beta. That way, you will not lose any Gold bought and can e.g. buy Premium Status again without having to spent additional real money.

Special note for Founders: All items and benefits included in the Founder's Pack you have bought will also be credited to your account again after a server wipe during or at the end of Closed Beta, including the Premium Status period and the Gold bundle. blog | eve isk | blade and soul power leveling | guild wars 2 gold | maplestory mesos | aion kinah | tera gold | vindictus gold | dfo gold | ffxi gil | cheap wow gold | archeage gold | blade and soul gold | runescape gold | ffxiv gil | black desert silver | albion gold | swtor credits | eso gold | neverwinter astral diamonds | dofus kamas |